STOP! MICRO WASTE (S!MW) is a non-profit organization from Berlin, Germany, initiated by LANGBRETT, a group of surfers and nature lovers.

S!MW is dedicated to fighting the plastic pollution of our rivers, lakes and oceans, and to informing people about the microfiber problem. We aim to explore and initiate great ideas on how to avoid, replace and reuse plastics in everyday life and beyond.


Here is the STOP! MICRO WASTE manifesto:

I’ll fight convenience and avoid single-use plastic * I won’t wash synthetic garments without filtering the wastewater * I’ll reuse all valuable materials * I’ll separate waste * I’ll repair before I buy new stuff * I’ll use my critical skills to avoid misleading advertising * I know I don´t need much and focus on the essential * I acknowledge that my contribution to protecting nature matters *

If we continue as we have been, the pollution of our oceans will be irreversible. Please reflect and change your habits. And convince others to do so, too. Spread the word. We need to act. Now.