What can I do to use my Guppyfriend Washing Bag for a long time?
June 6, 2019
Why is liquid detergent more suitable than washing powder when washing with the Guppyfriend Washing Bag?
June 6, 2019

Which detergent is best used with the Guppyfriend Washing Bag?

To protect your clothes and for a good washing result, we recommend liquid detergents, ideally made of natural ingredients. Washing powders often contain abrasives, bleach and other solids that can promote fiber abrasion and leave deposits on the laundry.

Please always make sure that your detergent does not contain liquid plastics or abrasive particles. As liquid detergents are mainly available in plastic packaging, you can alternatively bottle them yourself in many zero waste stores, which naturally improves the LCA.

Also pay attention to the correct dosage. Too much detergent damages clothes and the environment.

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