What do I have to consider when using the Guppyfriend Washing Bag?
June 1, 2018
What kind of apparel needs to go into the Guppyfriend washing bag?
June 1, 2018

Can I put the Guppyfriend into a tumble dryer?

No. When there is no water in the bag, the material becomes statically charged. The electrostatic reaction of round plastic material (in this case the garment and the round nylon monofilament of the Guppyfriend) creates a magnetic field that does exactly what shouldn´t happen to the filter mesh and shed fibers: the small broken fibers are heavily attracted and orientate towards the mesh surface in a 90 degree angle. As a consequence they go straight through the mesh. When there is water in and around the bag the shed fibers lay in various angles on the mesh and don’t puncture it.

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